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Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas

' A breath of fresh air in Dental Care! '



In the heart of the Zuidas, in the middle of the WTC, a team of experienced top specialists in the field of oral care provides a fresh wind. Mondzorg Praktijk Zuidas has an innovative approach to dental care and is the umbrella name for Tandartspraktijk Noordermeer and Keizersmondzorg.

  • We prevent: our dental hygienists monitor your teeth and detect possible problems. You only visit the dentist if necessary.
  • We offer the best: we invest in taking sustainable care of your teeth and work with fillings that last a life time.
  • We understand you and your family: we know an appointment has to be squeeze into your busy schedule, offer all dental care on one location, are flexible, internationally oriented and better accessible than any other dental practice.

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